Mind your P’s (passionfruit) and Q’s (Quince)

My late father law was an avid gardener and when he passed away, instead of flowers from work, I requested fruit trees.  I felt this was a better way to remember him as he always had fruit trees in his garden and we would return from visits loaded down with bags of vegetables, grapefruit, avocados, feijoas and tangelos.

We got a passion fruit vine and a lemon tree and the passion fruit vine in particular has gone nuts.  We planted it against our concrete retaining wall and it seems to love the warmth that comes with this.  I love watching the flowers emerge from their pods, they are a testament to the wonder of nature.  So intricate and delicate and are there for the briefest of moments.

 We only got 2 fruit off the vine last year in it’s first season but this year we have had flowers on it just about every day and there are at least 30 delicious green globes nestled within it’s leaves growing away and waiting to turn purple.

We also have a quince tree that was grown by my father in law from seed.  Last year we lost all of the flowers to wind so didn’t end up with any fruit but this year, despite the wind, we have one small furry quince nestled safely in the leaves growing away quietly to itself.

Add to that the fig tree that grows like a weed and is laden with fruit and we have quite the feast ahead.  Bonus for me is I get to eat all of the figs myself as hubby doesn’t like them.  Maybe I might let him have all the passion fruit instead.  Better stock up on blue cheese!

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