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Ten things

I thought I would share ten things that made me happy this weekend

Figs from my tree which I ate on toast with honey, soooo good.  The variety is Fig Candy, check out the colour!

This guy having to get right in the sink for a drink out of “his bowl”

Starting a new puzzle

Finishing the quilt I made for my Mum’s caravan

Getting a couple of scoops of barkchip on the back of the ute and carrying multiple bucketloads up the stairs and into the back yard to create BarkChip Mountain.  Needs to eventually go on the garden.  Got me my steps for the day though.

Lighting the fire pit as it was a nice calm evening 

Putting some bread on to rise which I baked in the dutch oven over the fire pit as a (failed) experiment.  It was too hot so it burnt on the bottom and didn’t rise much.  I had to finish it off in the oven and after I had chopped off the burnt bit, popped it into the freezer for another day.  Still made me smile though.

Dinner alfresco styles in the back yard as it was such a nice evening.  We also had naan bread and Tepsi kebap to go with the above

Smore’s for dessert, cause you have to toast marshmellows over the fire when it is lit!

Reminder on our Sunday morning walk that we live near a Marine Reserve.  Was even warm enough to still be wearing shorts!

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