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Rainbow socks and an author recommendation

I feel like this is turning into a sock blog so to mix it up, as well as telling you about my latest pair of socks that I have finished (which are now my new favourite pair), I also have an author recommendation for you.

First the socks – these are pair number 7 knitted in July and finished in the nick of time.  The first one was done at the start of the month and the second one took a smidge longer to complete.  In my defence, July is my birthday month so it’s normally quite busy for me and it was a big one ending in 0 this year!

Details – Usual pattern from Winwick Mum knit in West Yorkshire spinners signature 4 ply in the colour way Rum Paradise.  I really enjoy knitting with this sock yarn and have one more ball from the birds collection in my stash.

I recently read 2 books by Nick Bradley that I thought I would recommend as I loved them both and couldn’t put them down.  The first one is The Cat and the City, set in Tokyo and very cleverly interweaves a stray cat with various residents of the city.

The second one is Four Seasons in Japan and is set in Tokyo, Onomichi and Hiroshima and is just as good as the first one and has some of the same characters.  Again I couldn’t put it down.  I hope he writes some more books as I have definitely found a new favourite author!

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