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Garden Bunting

Now that Spring has officially arrived, I thought it was time to give the garden bunting a bit of a refresh.  Each year I pull out my scraps and make some bunting for two areas of the garden to give it a bit of extra added colour.  I leave it up over winter and it gets all faded and ragged.  I make it from 100% cotton scraps so it goes into the compost bin when it gets replaced.  I just make up a quick triangle template and use that to cut out the fabric, overlock them together then join with some diy bias binding in whatever scraps I have left over.  

This is the old bunting by the fig tree, looking a bit ragged and faded.

And this is the new replacement for the spring/summer

And the old bunting from the other side of the backyard, faded and mouldy

And the new, much more colourful version

The garden is going nuts at the moment with the warm weather we are having so looking forward to lots of time spent out there this summer.

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