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May project roundup

Me Made May was a good month to get some projects done. 

We have a fabric fair at one of the schools local to me every few months and when I went in November I got some purple stretch velvet for $8 (about 2 metres) and some grey rib and I finally got around to using them to make the Assembly Line High Cuff Sweater.  It was such an easy make and super comfy to wear so I will definitely be making more of these.

At the fabric fair in May I got a metre of wool for $10 and used it to make the A Line skirt from the book A Beginners Guide to making skirts by Wendy Ward that I borrowed from the library.  Easy as pattern, it took me 1.5 hours from cutting out to finish to make this skirt and it only needs a metre of fabric.  It is super warm as well, perfect for Winter.

I did a bit of yarn stash busting for my next project which was a crochet cardi using the Aurora crochet cardi pattern from West Yorkshire Spinners.  I technically finished this on the 2nd June but am counting it as a May make as the bulk of the work was completed in May.  I didn’t have to buy any new yarn to make this so a total stash busting success!

I had a bit of a clean out of my yarn stash at the start of the month and put all of my upcoming projects into bags so was short a project bag or 2 for some other things I wanted to start.  I went to Spotlight and they were having a sale so I grabbed some colourful craft cottons and whipped up a couple of new project bags.  The mickey mouse fabric was $5 and the skates was $6 and I had the lining fabric and the ribbon already in my stash.

And lastly I made some Christmas decorations out of some bits of scrap I had lying around, I think they turned out quite well.  Can’t wait to hang them on the tree come December.

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