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Tomato and Sausage bread bake

This dish came about because I had some bread ends in the freezer that needed using up.  

I defrosted my bread ends and also got some black bean juice cubes (I freeze the liquid left over from cooking my beans in the slow cooker and freeze it in the icecube tray for using to flavour soups etc) and some basil that I had frozen with a bit of water in icecube trays as well.  Chuck in a tin of tomatoes and some chicken sausages (free range from the Halal Butchers) and you are good to go.

First I mixed the tomatoes, black bean juice and basil together

Tomato mix

Then I cut my bread up into cubes and chucked it into the bowl with the tomato mix and gave it all a good stir and left it to soak up all the juice.  This took about 10 mins and I gave it a bit of a stir every now and again

Cut the bread up into chunks
Give your bread and tomatoes a good soak and stir

Once the juice has soaked into the bread, place into your cooking vessel.  I was going to freeze this as 2 meals for later so I used disposable trays but a well greased oven dish will do the trick

Cut your sausages into chunks and poke them into the bread mix.  I had a chunk of Parmesan cheese in the freezer so I grated some of that over the top as well but any cheese would do.  If you were going to cook this straight away, place into a preheated oven (180 c) for 30 mins and serve with some green veges like broccoli or peas or a nice crisp salad.  If freezing, label and date your containers and pop them into the freezer for a convenient week night dinner

One of these has already been eaten and it was delish!

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