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A shot in the dark

For the past 8 weeks I have been having loads of fun and meeting some great new people while taking a night class in Night Photography.  If you live in Wellington and are interested in taking it, it is run through the Community Education Centre at Wellington High School and I would definitely recommend it if you are keen on night photography.  I have included some of my favourite photos and techniques from the course below.  

Light painting – we used different coloured torches to get different effects:

Katherine Mansfield Statue, Lambton Quay

Statue of Peter Fraser, New Zealand’s Prime Minister from 1940-1949, we had someone painting the front and someone at the back waving another torch

Solace of the Wind Sculpture, Wellington Waterfront, light painted onto the back of the statue


Graffiti reflected in puddle, Newtown

Shop window reflected in rain flecked car

Wellington City reflected in harbour

Boat shed reflected in Frank Kitts lagoon, Wellington

Boats at Chaffers Marina, Wellington

Intentional Camera Movement and Panning:

Top of the Old Bailey Pub, Lambton Quay

Bus at night, Lambton Quay

Light trails and long exposures for smooth water:

Nga Kina Sculpture, Kumutoto, Wellington Waterfront

Light trails from Bolton Street Cemetery motorway overpass

And last but not least, white balance and the different effects you can get from using different settings at night:

Wellington Railway Station, white balance setting cloudy

Back of apartment block, Lady Elizabeth Lane, Wellington Waterfront. White balance setting cloudy

And to show the different looks you can get, the same photo but with white balance set at tungsten. This is my favourite photo of all the ones I took during my course


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