Letter writing

The Art of Slow

I am the first to admit that I can be a bit old fashioned.  I am a late adopter of new technology and prefer to do things the old way.  Hubby calls me a luddite.

One of the pastimes that I still indulge in is the art of letter writing.  Who doesn’t love getting a hand written letter in the mail?  In this day and age when you can type up an email and fire it off without a thought, there is something satisfying about sitting down with a pen and paper that you have selected for the task and writing a good old fashioned letter.

I have 2 friends that I exchange letters with and the anticipation of what the news will be is part of the fun.  We might send the odd email or text but we save the good stuff for the mail.  One of them I have been writing to since I was 11.

Here in New Zealand the Postie is an endangered thing.  In 2015 NZ Post declared that, due to falling mail volumes, they would only deliver mail to residential addresses 3 days a week.  At Christmas last year, they struggled to deliver all of the mail before the big day.

It is definitely a lost art but you can help!  Support a postie and write someone a letter today.  You never know, they might write back!  Speaking of which, I have a letter to write…………….

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