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I love sending and receiving mail and in April last year, I discovered Postcrossing.  It is free to join and once you have signed up you are ready to send postcards.  You get assigned an address of another member at random and along with their address, their bio tells you a bit about them and what type of cards they like to receive.  Once they have received your card, they register it on the website and it triggers another member to send you a card.  The more cards you send, the more you receive.  

I love the anticipation of seeing where my next card will come from and where I get to send cards.  So far I have received 31 cards from Germany, Indonesia, Hong Kong, USA, Italy, Poland, Canada, Finland, Spain and others and have sent cards to just as many exciting locations.  I have had some great book recommendations from writers of my postcards and have sent a few kiwi recipes around the world.

The statistics on their website are staggering with a whopping 803,121 members from 208 countries, 378,464 postcards travelling as I write this and a huge 70,507,617 received since Postcrossing started.  That’s alot of postcards!

So if you love sending and receiving mail, why not sign up.  You never know where you might get a card from. 

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