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Calendar pages to envelopes

While I was visiting my friend in Christchurch, she gave me some old calendars to recycle.  She had given me some a couple of years ago and I made envelopes out of them as we still write to each other (someone has to keep the Posties employed) and I use them to send her letters.  I decided to do the same with these calendars.  They were all Bon Jovi calendars (her all time favourite band).

I had previously made a template for the envelopes by opening up an existing envelope and gluing it to a piece of cardboard.  I also grabbed some scissors, a fine tipped permanent marker, some glue, a ruler and some double sided tape.  

I ripped all of the pages from the calendar so they were loose and positioned the template on the page to make the most of the image and traced around it.

I cut out all the envelope shapes and the leftovers went into the paper recycling so nothing got wasted.

I used my ruler to fold in the bottom, top and sides by positioning the ruler across the template and folding the paper in then using the side of the ruler to finish the fold so it was nice and crisp.  

I then added glue to the 2 side bits and folded up the bottom, pressing onto the glue and voila, you have an envelope.  

You can add some double sided tape to the flap to seal the envelope, or you could skip this step and just use tape (washi tape looks cool) to seal the envelope.

Once the glue is dry, your envelope is good to go.  I have some plain stickers that I stick on the front so that the address is easy to read.

And there you have it, some unique envelopes that I’m sure will put a smile on your Posties face and a great way to use up some old calendars.  I always get a laugh from the guy in the Post Office when I hand these in for posting.

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