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Cotton Dishcloth Lovin’ Part 6

As promised, here is my latest batch of knitted dishcloths.  While I was poking round on the internet looking for dishcloth patterns, I found this website (it hasn’t been updated for a while) which led me to this archived page where I found a whole bunch of written out patterns with no photos.  I picked out 4, wrote down the patterns and got knitting as I was intrigued to see what they looked like.

The first one I knit was Garter stitch and Lace.  This is a very pretty pattern

The second one I knit was Collonade.  This one was really nice to knit and I will definitely be making more of these

The third one was Matchstick.  I thought this one was a bit boring when I started knitting it but I quite like the finished product.  I made this one 20 rows shorter than the pattern called for.

The fourth one I made was Lacy Knit.  This one is my favourite from this batch

I think I might put the needles down for a while and pick up the hook and crochet a few for a change.  Watch this space.





April 9, 2017 at 6:11 am

You should use criss cross stitch and popcorn for crochet ones. They will have a great texture. I use popcorn stitch for shower scrubbies. Great for washing your face with.

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