I brought a new thing

Full disclosure, I brought a new item of clothing from a shop.  That means I went 2 years and 4 months without buying a new piece of clothing.  If you have been following along, everything I added to my wardrobe since the start of 2019 has been either from an Op shop or I have made it myself or had it made for me (with the exception of some new undies). 

As I mentioned in this post, if I was going to buy a new thing, I would buy from a retailer with an ethical supply chain and sustainable practices.  I am happy to say that I did just that.   I wanted to add a nice crisp white shirt to my wardrobe and I looked at loads of patterns and couldn’t find anything I liked.  On a whim, I checked out the Kowtow website and they had one on there I liked the look of.  I went in and tried it on and brought it.  I paid $179 which is alot for me but I will get heaps of wear out of it and own it for a long time.  Best of all, they have amazing credentials when it comes to ethics, supply chain and sustainability.  Check them out.  


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