No Waste / Plastic Free July

Saturday shopping – plastic free mission

Plastic Free July. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to shop without getting any single use plastic. Challenge accepted.
My first port of call was the vege market, no problems there, out came the trusty reusable produce bags and it all went into my handy nana trolley.

Next up, the butchers. I get all of my meat from Wellington Halal Meat in Riddiford Street here in Newtown. They let you bring your own containers to put the meat into.  I have a set of dedicated containers that I use for the butchers so I’m not worried about putting the stickers directly onto the container.  I find the butchers to be much better value than the supermarket and the staff are super friendly.

Next stop, Moshims in Wilson Street, Newtown (I don’t have to go far to get everything, one of the great things about Newtown!)  I buy all my dried beans from here.  I took one of my reusable vege bags with me and it worked a treat.  This is the first time I have used one here and the lady at the counter didn’t even bat an eyelid when I went up to pay.  I am going to make myself some reusable bags just for beans so I don’t have to keep pinching my vege ones.

Home now and the meat needs to go into the freezer.  I used to use the plastic freezer bags but recently started to use plastic containers instead.  They take up more room in the freezer (love playing freezer tetris) but they are reusable so no more single use plastic.  I also use plastic containers for freezing my beans now too.

So apart from the pesky plastic bag (which has so far had 2 uses) I think the first week of Plastic Free July went well.

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