Plastic Free July

Pesky plastic bag

Today I was thwarted in my attempt to not use or be given any single use plastic bags during Plastic Free July.  I brought my lunch, something I rarely do, and when they gave it to me in a plastic bag, my heart sank.  But not one to be defeated, I have decided to keep hold of this bag and use it for the month, thereby turning it from a single use plastic bag into a multiple use one.  It has already had an extra use today.  I went to Moore Wilsons, and used the plastic bag to put my purchases in.  I was also pleased to notice that Moore Wilson are phasing out single use plastic bags.  They have a sign on their door reminding customers to bring their reusable bags and letting people know that they will now be charging for plastic bags until they are gone.  Good on them!
So I shall use my pesky plastic bag for the month and report back on the number of uses it gets


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