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My local Farmers Market



Every Saturday rain, hail or shine, I get up early and head down to our local Farmers Market.  This is where I stock up on my veges for the week at a fraction of the price of the supermarket.  The stalls always stock the staples like bananas, onions, carrots and lettuce but I love the anticipation of seeing what is in season from the first appearance of asparagus, stone fruit like peaches and nectarines in the Summer, the first of the feijoas in Autumn and tamarillos as the weather gets a bit cooler.  There is always a bit of a lull between the last of the cool store apples and the first crisp new apples of the season and the appearance of pears and chestnuts always makes it feel properly like Autumn for me.  I believe in eating seasonably and that is what makes the market such a drawcard, planning what you are going to make for dinner for the week ahead as you walk around drinking in the colours and the atmosphere.

As well as veges, you can also pick up eggs, cheese, meat, fresh fish, a bottle of freshly squeezed juice, a loaf of freshly baked bread (I recommend the Olive and Rosemary or the Fig and Walnut), some delicious noodles handmade in Wellington, a cup of coffee to wake you up or some breakfast/lunch from one of the 5 or 6 food trucks that are there every week.

My haul for the week

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