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Lockdown pickles

My normal saturday ritual involves a visit to my local vege market to get our fruit and veges for the coming week.  Since we have been under lockdown the vege market has been closed.  We tried out the fresh essentials box for 2 people from Eat My Lunch which was good (and provided 2 lunches for a school child) but it wasn’t quite enough to cover what we would normally eat in a week.  This week we got the box for 4 people which was a bit more than what I would normally buy but we will use it all.  One thing we got was 4 cucumbers.  I detest cucumbers.  They are the only vege I won’t eat.  However, if they have been made into pickles then I will happily eat them.  In fact the only time I will ever buy cucumbers is if I want to make pickles.  

I use Annabel Langbein’s Buttercrunch Cucumber pickle recipe

This recipe is so easy.  You thinly slice the cucumbers and onions and add to a bowl of salty water overnight.  The next day you make the pickling liquor, add the onions and cucumbers and then put into jars.  East peasy and in a couple of weeks you have delicious pickles.

A note of caution, these pickles are very addictive!

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