We had a public holiday on Monday for Wellington Anniversary weekend so I took advantage of the extra day off to clean out my preserves cupboard.  We got a whole bunch of delicious homemade jams and relishes for Christmas and the cupboard was looking a tad full.  I couldn’t fit the jars of zucchini pickles I made last week either. 

I pulled everything out and there were some jars in there with no labels, so no idea what it was or how long it had been in there, and I also found some jars of applesauce that I had made way back in 2011.  I was happy to discover that I still had 3 jars of tomato sauce that I made last year as I thought we had finished that off already. 

The applesauce and the contents of the mystery jars went into the compost bucket and the jars went into the recycling bin as I have plenty in my stash at the moment.  I gave the inside of the cupboard a wipe out with some warm soapy water and popped everything back in. 

I also grabbed a small whiteboard from Daiso when we were in town on Saturday and stuck it to the inside of the cupboard door so I can keep track of  what I have in there to avoid a repeat of the applesauce incident!

I use that cupboard as storage for my dried goods so I was able to put a couple more jars in there for my Freekah and Green lentils.  It’s all looking very orderly and tidy now.  

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