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Sock Knitting Challenge

I have decided not to buy any new yarn or fabric this year until I have used up what I have in my stash.  I have set myself a challenge to knit 12 pairs of socks which is coincidently how many balls of sock yarn I have.  I wierdly discovered this after I set myself the challenge.  Im not saying one pair a month, just 12 pairs for the year.  I have finished my first pair and knitted half of the first sock for the second pair in January already.  I am using the basic sock yarn pattern which is free on the Winwick Mum website.  This is a great beginner pattern and she has a great tutorial on her site to help with any steps you might get stuck on.  She also has loads of other patterns if you are feeling a bit adventurous.  

My first pair I knitted using Regia 4 ply sock yarn in colour 02137 which is a kind of denim blue.  I originally brought this yarn to make a pair of lacy socks but it all went pete tong so I frogged that failed attempt and knitted a plain pair.  This is the 7th pair of socks I have knitted from this pattern so I am getting the hang of it now.  I might get a bit adventurous later in the year and try a different pattern maybe!

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