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Mini Christmas stockings

You might be forgiven for thinking this is a post about some stockings I made for Christmas 2022.  

I was super organised during the holidays and made these for gifts for Christmas 2023!  I have also started my Christmas shopping for 2023 as well as I find the Boxing Day sales are great for gift bargains.  I have a place where I stash everything so it doesn’t get lost.

Anyway, back to the Christmas Stockings.

I made these out of a bit of woollen blanket that I had left over from another project, bonus that it had some green on it.

To make these, you will need a piece of woollen blanket or some woollen fabric (could also use coffee sacking), a stocking template (I downloaded mine from the internet), bits of ribbon, scissors, pinking shears (optional), pins, a needle and embroidery cotton.

I pinned the template to the wool and cut out 6 pieces to make 3 stockings.  I wanted to embroider the recipients initial onto each stocking so I drew this on with a pencil and then using the embroidery cotton and the needle, did this using chain stitch.  It had been so long since I had done chain stitch that I had to google a tutorial!

Then I pinned the fronts and backs of the stockings together and added the bit of ribbon at the top and sewed around the whole stocking.  You could add a bit of stuffing if you wanted it to look a bit plumper.  Once I had sewn the stockings, I trimmed the sides with the pinking shears and they were done.

They are safely in the pressie stash ready to be gifted at the end of the year.

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