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Hand knitted socks

4 years ago I decided that I was going to knit myself a pair of socks.  Fast forward 3 years to Lockdown 1.0 and the half a sock that was languishing in my WIP pile made an appearance and before you know it, I had a sock.  The second one only took 3 weeks to make and lo and behold, I had a pair!  I used the Basic Sock pattern from Winwick Mum which is great for beginners.  She also has a loads of photos and a great, easy to follow tutorial on her website that makes knitting a pair of socks a breeze.  

I am hooked and have completed 4 pairs so far and have amassed quite a stash of sock yarn.  If you have ever thought about knitting socks for yourself, I recommend giving it a go!  There is something quite satisfying about pulling your woolly creations onto your feet.

The purple one on the left is my first pair

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