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Temperature Blanket update #5

I got a bit excited yesterday as I thought it might be cold enough for me to have my first blue row on my blanket but alas, it was 1 degree too warm and so another green row was added.

It feels like my blanket is turning into the pink and green blanket at the moment.  I have had to order some more pink wool as I have run out already.

Sister has had some warm weather and her blanket is looking nice and colourful at the moment.  The blankets are starting to look quite different now.

She has a week of plum and pomegranate coming up, I have a week of meadow and pale rose!

As much as i don’t like cold weather, I am secretly hoping for a polar blast so I can get some blue and even maybe some silver into my blanket.  It snowed down south last weekend so some more of that and a good southerly should do the trick!

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