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Temperature Blanket – The Beginning

Okay we couldn’t wait until the 1st May so the Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere Temperature Blanket Challenge has begun.

It was 21 degrees yesterday in Wellington so I started my blanket with Saffron.  Looking at the weather forecast for the next few days, I’m going to have a lot of Saffron and Pale Rose in my blanket to start with.

It was 9 degrees in London yesterday so Sister started off her blanket with cloud and their forecast for the next few days is for 12 – 13 degrees so a bit of Meadow coming up for her

I’m not sure of the name of the stitch we are using but you do one single crochet, one double crochet (US terms) which creates a nice texture for the blanket.

Keep an eye out on Mondays for blanket updates from the previous week.  And because everyone loves cats, the obligatory cat photo to end the post.


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