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Temperature Blanket Tah-Da!

I have just had a quick look back at my Temperature Blanket posts and realised that I never showed you the finished winter/summer blankets that my sister and I made from the 22nd March – 21st September.  I have now finished my second summer blanket which I made from the 22nd September – 21st March, completing a whole year (sister gave up after the first one) so here they both are in all their glory.

Blanket One – Dates 22nd March 2017 – 21st September 2017.  Colour information in this post:

You might just be able to spot the only silver row in the blanket which is the one day we got down to 5 degrees in Winter.  I was quite pleased as I didn’t think I would get any silver.

Blanket Two – Dates 22nd September 2017 – 21st March 2018

I didn’t get any Emperor in this one, the hottest day we had in Wellington was 29 degrees, despite the country experiencing one of the best summers we have had for a while.  Plenty of other places experienced temps into the late 30’s but one of the things I love about Wellington is that our winter and summer temps typically don’t go the the extreme like some other places in New Zealand.  One cold day did sneak in at the end with one row of green but I quite like that and thinks it adds a nice little pop to the warmer colours.  They are super warm and snuggly and I shall enjoy cuddling up under the summer one in the depths of winter and dream of hot sunny days to come.  I hope I have inspired you to give your own temperature blanket a go.


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