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Pocket Skirt

I love this pattern!  It is the Pocket Skirt which is a collab with Peppermint Magazine and Paper Theory.  It is such an easy, well written pattern and the result is a super comfy skirt with great pockets that hold everything.  I never need to take a bag with me if I am wearing one of these as I just chuck everything (wallet, keys, phone, mask) into the pockets and off I go.

I have made 4 of these in different linens which make for a nice, soft flowing skirt.

This is the same linen that I used to make two versions of the Spring Dress, purchased from Drapers.  I used the same linen for the one below as well.  It is super soft and comfy and has a lovely drape.

The next one I made from some Hemp that I got from the Fabric Store and it was a bit stiff to start off with but as I have washed it, it has softened up nicely and this is the one I wear the most.

And finally, a bright green linen, also from the Fabric Store.  I love the colour of this and it is much more vibrant in real life.

Four great skirts that make a great addition to any wardrobe, go on, make yourself one today!


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