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Sunday Photography Field Trip

Sunny Sundays are the best days for going out for a photography field trip.  We have had an absolutely amazing weekend weather wise and it was too nice a day today to waste inside.  We grabbed our cameras and went out of the gate and off for a walk.  We headed over the hill towards the Airport.  First stop, the Zephrometer.  It has been replaced recently as it got hit by lightening last year.

There are lots of wind sculptures along Cobham Drive and there was a brisk Northerly to get them going this morning

There are lots of hardy plants growing along the walkway.  This one was my favourite.

I found some treasure on the beach in the form of sea glass.  I always come home from the beach with a pocketful of this stuff.  I have added it to the big vase full I have in the lounge.

There were loads of boats out sailing, taking advantage of the wind.  These one man catamarans were having a race and they were getting along at a fair clip.

We headed round the bay to Chaffers Marina and past the colourful boat sheds.

Someone was hard at work in this one.  Check out all those ropes hanging on the door.

The seagulls were getting busy as well.

We stopped off at the Sunday Vege Market by Te Papa and got a souvalaki from the Greek Food Truck for lunch and got a fresh berry icecream for the walk home.  It was very busy!

It was a great day out but very glad to get home for a cup of tea.

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