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DIY Walnut Butter

A couple of weeks ago I was the lucky recipient of a huge bag of walnuts, given to me by a friends Mum who has a big old walnut tree on their property in Hawkes Bay.  I decided to use them to make Walnut Butter.

I spent one Friday night shelling the walnuts (took me a good 2 hours) and then I roasted them in the oven for approx 20 mins, checking every 5 mins to make sure they weren’t burning.

I left them to cool overnight and the next day, placed most of them into the food processor and blitzed until they resembled peanut butter.  I didn’t need to add any oil but I did add salt and a touch of honey.  Delish on hot toast and so easy to make.  I had a quick look online and walnut butter can range from $12 – $20 a jar so if you know someone with a walnut tree, ask them for a bag and make some delicious walnut butter for yourself.

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